Week of November 5th

Legacy Sunday is a time to honor our saints.  What is a saint?  Do you know any saints?  Is a saint someone who, like the little girl suggests, lets the light shine through?  The saints in the Bible were not perfect people, but they did keep the faith with God.


O God, thank you for all the saints you have put in my path.  May the light of your love shine through me to encourage others, forgive others, and lead others, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Monday –Genesis 39:1-6

To Potiphar, Joseph was a saint.  It was based on his observation of his character revealed in his actions.  Obviously, Potiphar’s wife had other ideas in mind.  How was Joseph a saint? Check out 39:21 and 41:38.  What do these verses reveal to us?  How can you be a saint?


Tuesday --Daniel 6:1-9

Daniel was a young man separated from his home and his family; and thrust into slavery in the foreign empire.  What made Daniel a saint?  Are there saints today?  How can you become a saint?


Wednesday -- Ephesians 4: 1-7 and 11-16

Paul is writing to church leaders in Ephesus what it means to be in the body of Christ.  Healthy churches have diverse gifts in different people.  What is the one common bond?  What is the purpose of diverse gifts?  Who is the head?  What are your gifts and how do you use them?


Thursday -- 2 Timothy 1:13-18

Paul describes faithfulness to young Timothy.  What is faithfulness?  What examples does Paul give here:  both negative and positive?  How are you faithful?


Friday -- Acts 9:1-19

Who was the saint in this story:  Paul or Ananias… or both?  Paul had certainly done some horrible things to Christians, but God called him.  Ananias was reluctant to go, but God prevailed.  How important is obedience to the saint?  How important is it to you?


Saturday -- Hebrews 10:19-25

Sainthood is not developed by our own initiative.  It comes as a response to God.  According to this passage, what has God done that calls us to faithfulness?  In response to God, on what should we focus?  Evaluate your own sainthood.  How are you doing?