Week of October 22nd

This week in worship, we were reminded of the power of Jesus to forgive sins and the value of faith.  We also witnessed the “Cardboard Testimonies” of those in our community who God has forgiven and used in His kingdom to bless others. We’re a community who has been blessed to be a blessing to others.  Those are powerful words to remember this week. 


O God, You have blessed me beyond measure, yet there are times that I forget.  Help to me to keep you first in my heart and mind as I work, play, and rest.  May my heart and mind continue to become more like Yours.   Amen.

Monday –Mark 10:35-45

Why were James and John concerned about having places of importance?  James and John assumed that since Jesus was the Messiah and was heading to Jerusalem, he was about to claim Israel’s throne and over throw the Romans.  Have you ever allowed your personal pride and desire for power influence your behavior?

Tuesday –Matthew 25:31-46

Why would sheep and goats be mixed together?  Although these animals would not have been penned together, they would have grazed fields together.  Several herds could co-mingle, but they would respond to the shepherd’s voice.  This would only work if the sheep knew their shepherd’s voice.  How do we ensure that we know the Good Shepherd’s voice and not the voice calling the goats?

Wednesday – Luke 15:1-7

Have you ever been concerned about the 99 sheep who were left?  Could God possibly be on rescue patrol AND keeping the flock safe too?  Certainly!  In this 1st century culture, the Head Shephard would search for the lost while others would care for the flock.  Have you ever felt that Jesus was seeking you?  Have you ever resisted because you felt you weren’t worthy before others?  We need not feel bad about our savior.  He loves us more than we can fathom. 

Thursday – Mark 6:30-44

Once again, the people, “were like sheep without a shepherd.”  Jesus continues to seek the lost, hungry, and hurt.  The religious leaders had become lost and taught lost faith, yet Jesus came to save.  Are there times in your life when wandered without the shepherd’s care?  What happens to us, is what happens to the world too.  Shouldn’t we talk more about the Good Shepherd?  What would be the benefit?

Friday – Acts 2:45

Are we expected to sell our positions and give to the poor?  Jesus didn’t mandate we sell everything, yet we are called to attend to the sick and poor.  If God has been generous to us, shouldn’t we give generously to others?  What’s the benefit?  What might happen if we following God’s calling in our lives?

Saturday – Exodus 3:7-10

God seems to put a heavy emphasis on keeping His word.  Don’t you think?  Although the land was given to Abraham’s people, God wanted to ensure that Moses’ people would receive what was rightfully given to them.  What does this say about the character of God?  What does this mean to us and our relationship?  Should we consider our promises to God with more care and attention?