Week of November 12th

Following Jesus is grounded in gratitude, revealed in prayer, and lived in faith.  To live in faith means we may not be in control and may not know the future with certainty.  But we live freely and fully, trusting in the God who is able to bring good out of even the worst of tragedies.  Here are some passages on living in faith.


O God who invites all of us to trust your grace:  thank you for making faith possible.  Help me to trust you more this day with all that I cannot foresee or control.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

Monday –Hebrews 11

The best examples of living in faith.  Some of the stories we may know well, and others have been lost over the years.  Their lives were not simple or easy.  They sacrificed much, but God provided so much more for them and us.  Therefore, we are called to live in faith, too.  How can you live in faith today?

Tuesday --Daniel 3

Three young friends of Daniel who also served as slaves to the empire refused to compromise their convictions and faced death courageously.  Was it dangerous?  Was it risky?  Were they afraid?  “Yes” to all the above, yet they lived in faith that God would provide for them.  How will you live in faith today?

Wednesday – Nehemiah 1:1-4 and 2:1-6

Nehemiah was a wine taster for the King.  Who tests wine for a King?  Someone who is easily disposable.  If the wine is poisoned, we’ll find another slave.  Yet, the King appoints Nehemiah governor over Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of the city.  Despite threats, fear, plots, and intimidation; Nehemiah led the people to rebuild the walls in 52 days.  How can one go from so low to so high?  Nehemiah lived in faith.  How can you live in faith today?

Thursday – Matthew 9:27-30

This is one of many healing stories.  Two blind men follow Jesus?  What did they want?  What did Jesus ask?  What did Jesus promise?  These men believed Jesus could and would help, and because of it they gained their sight.  How can you live in faith and regain your vision?

Friday – Luke 8:40-48

This is a story within a story.  Focus on the woman in the second story.  Who was she?  Sounds desperate, doesn’t she?  What did she believe?  Jesus is being jostled in a crushing crowd, but he sensed something important happen.  When the woman confessed what she had done – inappropriate for her to do on several levels – Jesus affirmed her.  What did he say?  How can you live in faith today?

Saturday – John 4:46-53

Why would this man plead with Jesus?  Would you and I be any different if we were in the same situation?  What promise did Jesus make and how did the man respond?  Faith is revealed in obedience.  How will you live in faith today?