Day 144 Jesus heals a man with Dropsy Luke 14: 1-6

Guided reflection:

Jesus was a guest at the house of a Pharisee.  We do not know if his host was open or hostile, but Jesus was distracted by a man he could see from his seat that had dropsy – today we would call it edema from congestive heart failure – he was swollen with water retention that was life threatening.  It was Sabbath meal they were eating, so Jesus puts it to them straight: “It’s the Sabbath, there is a man who needs my touch, I am right here – what should I do?”  They said nothing.  Was their silence that Jesus had put them in their place… or were they adding one more thing to Jesus list in their black book?  Where is that true in your life?

Guided Prayer:

            “I stand in wonder at the love and compassion of my savior.  O God, I pray, again, show

            me where I am more interested in doing things right, than doing the right things.  Amen”