Day 145 Humility Luke 145

Guided reflection:

Jesus gives his slant on going to parties!  Every time I am a guest speaker and have to sit on the dais, I am watchful to make sure that I really am to sit there because of this verse I learned in Sunday School!  Jesus’ point is that having a party should not be to puff yourself up and look important and get more party invitations; you should throw a party when you are jubilant and invite those who need a party! Now, remember, from yesterday’s reading, Jesus is at one of those affairs!  I wonder what the host was thinking.  What should we teach out children about this story?

Guided prayer:

“Well, Lord, I am not sure if I throw good parties or not, but I am so humbled to know that I am invited to your banquet table and I do not have to worry about what I wear, or who will be there too, or whom shall I impress… all I have to do is just come, open and ready to receive from you.  Thank you for your love and acceptance of me.  Amen.