Day 143 Jesus laments over Jerusalem Luke 13: 34-35

Guided Reflection:

Read vs 34 and hear the sorrow and disappointment in the people in Jesus’ voice.   Jesus, the Messiah, was right under their noses and they did not get it.  I wonder how many times Jesus’ face has been right in front of us and we do not see it?  I remember a dear friend, Freda, when she was in her chemotherapy, running to me and saying she had just seen the face of God!  She explained that she was frightened about the pain of the nurses putting more needles and chemicals in her veins that day, almost in tears.  She looked up and a black man who was walking by,  turned and looked at her in the face – she said his face just glowed and she could not take her eyes off him!  She quickly looked down to see when they would start and found that while she was gazing into his eyes, the nurse was done and she had not felt it.  She could not locate him when her treatment was done.   I wonder, does Jesus lament over us not seeing and believing?  Have you have seen Jesus’ face lately?


Guided Prayer:

“I hear the lament of Jesus and wonder if you lament over me.   Where have you tried to get my attention and “I would not”?  Please open my eyes and my ears.  Make my heart understand your love.  Amen”