Day 127 The Samaritan Villagers Luke 9:51-56

Guided Reflection:

We now will focus on some of the stories called “The Luke section”  Luke 9:31-18:14.  In the days to come, use the Luke reading as your main text.    These four verses are only found in Luke but show the racial/political issues of the day.  Jesus sent folks on before to make arrangements for them as they passed through Samaria on their way to Jerusalem.  When the Samaritans heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem, they refused hospitality to Jesus and his entourage.   Today if Palestinian found out that a leader considered sympathetic to the Palestinians was on this way to Jerusalem for the Jews, they would not be very happy either!  The Disciples were learning that Jesus came for all people and now that they are getting it, they are appalled to see racial/political tension raise its ugly head!  They wanted Jesus to call down fire and burn them up!  Jesus rebuked the Disciples, accepted things as they were and kept his calling and mission before him.  To be the savior of the world was a bigger issue than whether the Samaritans were open or not!  Does that sound at all familiar?  We get so caught up in our politics and the things that divide us that we forget that Christ died for all!  Not just me!

Guided prayers:

“Open my eyes and help me see the places where I allow my prejudices to forget that Jesus died for all, including those whose politics I do not appreciate.  Help me see all as precious in your sight.  Amen”  (Right now, why not pray for the leaders of the political party NOT of your choice.. that God will bless them and love them.  Go on, try it, you need the practice… !)