Day 128 Seventy learning leaders return with good news Luke 10:17-20

Guided reflection:

On Days 64 and 72, we read about Jesus’ leadership development of 70 folks who were his Disciples.  He sent them on a practice run of preaching and praying for the sick.  In today’s passage, they have returned and are so excited that they had demons obey them because of Jesus’ name!  Whoa!  Having authority is heady stuff!  It is like Jesus responds: “Whoop de do!  I saw Satan fall… and you will have power over Satan – but don’t go and get all pumped up about that – stay pumped up that your name is written on the very heart of God.”  Are you still excited that you belong to Christ – that you are a child of God?   Have you lost your enthusiasm?   Our egos can get in the way when God allows us to have success in ministry – but the real success is that Jesus loves us!  That is the big deal!

Guided prayer:

“Remind me again that I am your child.  Remind me again that I am forgiven.  Remind me again that I have a place in the very heart of God.  Remind me to walk humbly.  Amen”