Day 126 Parable of the unthankful servant Matthew 18:23-35

Guided reflection:

In Matt.6:15, Jesus said “If you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses” and here Jesus gives a parable of what that looks like.  A man owed a huge amount of money – more than he could ever repay and still care for his family.  The one to whom he owed the debt had compassion and forgave the whole debt!  But the one whose debt was forgiven, left and ran into someone who owed him just a little, and when that man could not pay, he put him in jail for his unpaid debt.  One song goes “Jesus paid a debt he did not owe, I owed a debt I could not pay – I needed someone to wash it all away.”  That is why we cannot be so harsh on our brothers and sisters – who are we to judge and demand, when we have been forgiven so much.  Take a minute and think about how blessed you are… and how much you have been forgiven.  If you have not asked for forgiveness – this might be the perfect time to realize you cannot carry it all alone!  You don’t have to!

Guided Prayer:

“Loving and forgiving God, you offer to us forgiveness and second chances.  Have I really accepted your offer?   Do I really realize that I am set free?  Lord, show me where I have heavy demands and expectations of others, when I have been set free from such impossible demands!  Forgive me so that I might forgive others.  Amen”   (you might want to contact someone with whom you have been demanding and set them free!)