Day 118 Jesus talks again about the cross and suffering Matt 17:22-23;Mark 9:30-32; Luke: 9:43b-45

Guided reflection:

The gospels were written well past the time of the cross and empty tomb, so they are writing with some good hindsight, but they remembered that Jesus HAD talked to them about dying and rising again.  Later, after the shock of it all wore off, they were able to remember these conversations.  Jesus had tried to warn them and give them hope, but they could not grasp it.  If Jesus were to tell you about your future, I am sure it would include some tough times (“In this life you will have tribulation”, Jesus says) and some wonderful moments. Just like the disciples, we need to remember that it is after dying times that resurrection happens!

Guided Prayer:

“Loving Lord, sometimes I am glad I do not know the end from the beginning.  Life is full of surprises and twists and turns… and we have lots of questions.  Forgive my doubts, forgive my slowness to remember that you are with me, promising new life out of tough times.  Thank you!  Amen”