Day 119 Temple Taxes Matthew 17:24-27

Guided reflection:

Taxes – ugh!  These were temple taxes that everyone was expected to pay…. To be given to God.  The tax collectors want their money!  Jesus points out the silliness of the Son of God having to pay tax to God… but he tells Peter to go catch a fish … there will be money in his mouth.  Sure enough, the fish had enough money to pay the taxes.  Once again, Jesus points out that His source for resources comes from God, not from his own efforts!  But also notice, the Jesus went along with paying the silly tax.  The thing that lifts out to me today about this story is Jesus lack of anxiety about money and taxes!

Guided prayer:

“Giving God, I can get so caught up in the laws and taxes and how to pay for it all.  Give my heart a bit of how Jesus looked at things… you are my source, you are my strength, and all that I have comes from your loving heart.  I give to you my anxiety over little things.  Amen.”