Day 117 Jesus heals a young boy Matt 17: 14-21; Mark 9: 14-29; Luke 9:37-48a

Guided reflection:

Read the Mark version – it has the full story.   A father comes to Jesus distraught over his son with epileptic fits that were so horrible that the boy would fall into the fire in a fit!  The Disciples had not been able to free the boy… Jesus set the boy free after a bit of drama.  But the Disciples wanted to know why they had not been successful and Jesus answered: “Because you had lack of faith”   In Mark, Jesus says, “this kind come out with fasting and prayer.”   It seems our effectiveness is related to our faith and spiritual disciplines.  Have you ever fasted and prayed?

Guided prayer:

“Merciful God, thank you for the times when folks are made whole, but I wonder about the times when they are not.  I know it is not all up to me, but do I need to grow in my faith?   Do you want me to fast and pray? I am open, show me the way.  Amen”