Day 109 The Feeding of Four Thousand Matt 15: 32-39; Mark 8: 1-10

Guided reflection:

On Day 103, we had the story of the feeding of the 5000, now Jesus has been teaching and touching people for three days and the folks – 4000 - are hungry!  Jesus wants them to be fed, but there is no food… and once again, little becomes much when placed in Jesus’ hands.  They found just seven loaves and a few fish… And, once again, there are leftovers!  When it is all over, Jesus gets in a boat and leaves the crowds.   Do you get the idea that Jesus is not anxious about the little things?

Guided prayer:

“Help me to get my priorities straight… to seek your kingdom first... and then everything else will fall into place.  Forgive me, O God, for living an anxious life about the little things.  Help me keep the big picture clearly in my head!  Amen!”