Day 110 The Pharisees want a sign from Jesus Matt 16: 1-4; Mark 11-13; Luke 11:29

Guided reflection:

The Pharisees are frustrated.  This Jesus fellow keeps mocking them with all these miracles and the people are buying this Messiah thing!  They want a sign, some proof from heaven by Jesus.  But Jesus knows their hearts – they are not open to see or hear anything about Jesus!  They have signs all over the place and have not heeded them, so what will they do with more signs?  Jesus walks away from them.  By the way, to you know the rhyme:  “Pink at night, sailors delight; pink in the morning, sailors give warning!”  See, Jesus knew that one too!   Just as we can read the signs of weather by the clouds, so the heavens declare the glory of God, if we are just open to see!  The signs are not the problem… but having eyes that are open to see is!

Guided Prayer:

            “Again I sing this song to you:  “Open my eyes that I might see.  Glimpses of truth you have for me”

Help me not be like the Pharisees who wanted more signs… but help me open my heart and my eyes to see how you are speaking to me already!  Amen!