Day 108 The Healing of the Deaf Mute Person Mark 7: 31-37 (also Matt 15:29-31)

Guided reflection:

Another miracle story… this time a man who is deaf and unable to speak.    Jesus took him off to the side … and did some strange things:  He put his fingers in his ears and spat and touched his tongue..

and the man was healed – able to speak and hear!    Jesus told them not to tell anyone… but how can you keep such good news to yourself?  The purpose of doing this study to for us to observe all that

Jesus did and taught.  So, this is what Jesus did!  He had compassion for those who were ill and healed them.   As it is in our power, should we not be about the same?

Guided prayer:

“Healing God, open my eyes to others around me and show me where I can be the hands and feet of Jesus for hurting people.  Amen. “