Day 101 - King Herod gets Jesus and John mixed up Matt 14:1-2; Mark 6:14-16; Luke 9:7-9

Guided reflection: 

Poor Herod is not sure what to think… some people are saying that Jesus is the appearance of Elijah from the Old Testament stories but others are saying that he is John the Baptist raised from the dead!

Now, Herod has a problem with that – he had beheaded John the Baptist… and if John is alive again, he figures it will be his head on a platter soon!   “Who Jesus really is” is the buzz in the local diners.  Even today people are asking “Who is this Jesus, really?”  Think about that – what is your answer?

Guided Prayer:

“Loving and giving God, we still ask the question of who this Jesus really is… we cannot wrap our heads around a concept of a person becoming as a child into this world to be a savior.  It does not make sense that love would be behind a cross and an empty tomb.  We accept your Word in faith, believing that Jesus is your precious Son, whom you sent to be the savior of the world… that includes me!  Amen!”