Day 102 The Death of John the Baptist Matt 14:3-12; Mark 6:17-29

Guided reflection:

This is the scoop on how John died – read the Mark account for full details. Sounds like something out of a current news item – doesn’t it?  People are still people… folks do not like their evil deeds exposed and usually go after the one who calls a spade a spade and makes that person out to be the bad guy instead of facing their own actions.  Herod’s angry wife got even with John the Baptist…the end result of a drunken orgy was his head on a platter.  He was the one who was a gift to this world – remember Day Two of our lessons?  He was the voice, calling out in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord.  I think that God must cry some heavy tears over the choices people make.

Guided Prayer:

“Our hearts are heavy, O Lord, when we read this story and know that this kind of thing goes on even today.   Instead of facing our sins, we focus on others and do all we can to destroy them… and end up destroying ourselves.   Right now we pray for the innocent people who are taking the brunt of other people’s anger.  Save us from ourselves… and help ME face my own issues.  Amen.”