Day 100: The Stilling of the Storm Matt 8:18; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25

Guided reflection:

Here we are at day 100!  When a president has been in office the media looks back over his 1st 100 days… well, look back at what you have learned and put into practice in your 1st 100 days in learning to observe all the Jesus is teaching you!    Today, the disciples are in a boat and a storm comes up… Jesus is found, unafraid, and calmly taking a nap!  He is not worried, but they wake him up to worry with them!  He just waves his hand at the water and says “Peace, Be still!”   Now, dear one, how many times have you wanted to wake up Jesus to worry with you?  Remember, prayer is not to inform God of your dilemma, but to allow God to change your point of view to God’s point of view.  Jesus is not worried about the storms of your life.  Should you be so anxious?

Guided prayer:

“Oh my, my prayers are really a way to just wring my hands!  How funny is that, O God?  Help me to change the way I pray... so that you have a chance to change my heart so I can see things from your point of view instead of getting you to see things from my point of view!  Help me to stop worrying since Jesus is not!  Amen!”