Day 68 Cost of Discipleship Matt 10:37-39; Luke 14: 26-27

Guided reflection: 

Is Jesus saying that my family should not be important to me?  No, we are to love and care for our family, but the issue is about who gets first place in your life!  When we give our life to Christ we are to surrender all of ourselves.  We take up our cross, take our place, and “lose” or surrender, ourselves to God.  Day 67 and today’s readings are not about making others unimportant, but about keeping the big picture in our minds – this life is not all there is!  But where we place our loyalties in this life will make a difference.  JOY:  Jesus first; Others second, and you last!

Guided prayer:  “These two days’ scripture readings are disturbing, Lord.  It seems that you want my undivided loyalty.  I would rather give you my divided attention… but work in me to understand how to take up my cross and follow you.  Amen.”