Day 69 End of this teaching session with the Disciples Matthew 10:40-11:1

Guided reflection:  

All of chapter 10 has been Discipleship Training 101 – this was the “lecture phase” and now they were to go out and live the lab work of being a disciple in their time in history.  Jesus is making clear that when we serve others, it is really Christ serving... and when someone welcomes us, they are welcoming Christ because Christ is in us!  We ARE the hands and feet of Christ!   What does it mean when you do something for your secretary, boss, spouse, child, neighbor… that you are serving Christ at that moment?  Or, what does it mean to you that when someone responds to you, they are responding to Christ in you?  WOW!  We are to be Christ with skin on for others!  Think about that for a bit… and get up and go to the closest person to you right now and look at them as though they are the visible person of Christ… does that affect how you might treat them?

Guided prayer:   “I am not sure I understand all of this, Loving God, but when I see others I usually see them as a pain or a promise… now help me adjust my spiritual glasses and see them through your eyes… and may they clearly see you in me.  Amen”