Day 67 Peace or chaos? Matt. 10: 34-36, Luke 12:51-58

Guided reflection: 

 How many times have you thought that folks ought to get along?  Well, Jesus tells us that there are times for peace in the family, but sometimes serving Christ and making choices for God might make your family be in chaos!  Now, this is not blessing family turmoil – just helping us see that God has no grandchildren or in-laws… being a child of God is a 1st generation thing!  Some in your family may turn against you! Can you remember a time when your decisions caused turmoil in your family?  As you reflect back, did you stand for the right things, or was it just more family feuding?

Guided prayer:  “Serving you, O God, can be tough sometimes.   Keeping peace in my family sometimes is more important to me than being at one with you.  Help me remember that you come first.  Help me make choices that honor you… and may my family support me.  Be with those whose decision to follow you have caused them to be in harm’s way.  Amen”