Day 66 Concerning fear of others Matthew 10:26-33; Luke 12: 2-9

Guided reflection: 

Of course we are worried about what others think and what they can do to us, but in Jesus’ day and for the early church they had realistic fear of harm for their faith.   Jesus does not pretend that they have no reason to fear, but reminds them of the bigger picture – eternity!   Jesus reminds us that our bodies are just a vessel… our spirits will live forever.  AND he reminds us that we are of value and not forgotten by God – even the hairs on our head are numbered!  (Some of us have made the job easy for God – ha!)   The point is that our confession of Christ as our savior is not about what other people think, but about what God thinks.  Based on this scripture, what do you think is God’s opinion of you?  You are of value to God!  WOW!

Guided prayer:  “Loving God, it is hard to imagine that you care about the sparrows and the hair on my head, but I amreminded that I am of great value to you.  Help me to not allow other people’s opinion and possible harmful actions keep me from serving you.  Show me where fear holds me back from my potential. Amen.”