Day 65 The tough side of discipleship Matt. 10: 17-25

Guided reflection:  

Wow, now this is a way to motivate a sales team!  Jesus knew how to face reality.  He knew if they preached his words they would be brought up on charges and possibly face death!  Jesus tells them not to concentrate on what to do when that happens, just know that if and when it does, the spirit of Christ will provide the words to say.  Then flee, and go to the next place.  Again, their response is not their responsibility!   How fortunate we are in  America. We have the right to share Christ’s message without worry.  However, we do need to understand that Jesus’ way is not always the most comfortable way.  Where are you being stretched in your discipleship?

Guided Prayer: “Our hearts are filled with gratitude in knowing that we live in a place where we are free to speak and move as we wish.  But we realize that others are in harm’s way because of their faith.  Protect those, I pray, and give me courage to be the ambassador for Christ no matter the cost. I guess what I am asking, Lord, is to give me a spiritual backbone!  Amen.”