Day 64 Jesus sends out the twelve Matt. 9:35–10:16,

Guided reflection:  

This is Jesus’ leadership development phase with his disciples.  They are named and listed, and now Jesus wants them to go out and replicate his own way of doing ministry.  They are not to carry along a bunch of stuff they do not need… they are to learn to trust God as they go… and to discern who is open and who is not… and if people are not open, get out!  Now, if we had a “how to be a disciple” workshop scheduled with Jesus as the teacher, what would his instructions be for us today?   Maybe,  Live simply;  develop an attitude of gratitude; and know that you are not responsible for another’s response!

Guided prayer: “Jesus, where are people around me open to your love?  Show me how I can simplify

my life so I can be moved by the Spirit.   Help me to know what part is my responsibility and what part is the response of others.  Grant me to know the difference!  Amen.