Day 63 More healings… and commotion! Matt 9:27-31; Matt 9:32-34

Guided reflection:  

Two blind men were determined that they were going to get Jesus’ attention!   Because they asked and believed, they received.  A man “dumb” (meaning, unable to speak words) was healed and his tongue was free… and the reviews were divided.  Most said – WOW, we have never seen anything like this before!  But those pesky Pharisees still saw Jesus as from the devil.  Now, they must have been intrigued, because they seem to be always around, offering their comment and their take on what Jesus was up to.  Where do you see people in our culture today divided as to what is good and what is “of the devil”?   Have you ever had a paradigm shift from believing one thing to be true and then becoming convinced to another point of view?  Are you open to new ways to thinking?

Guided prayer: “Loving God, open my heart and my mind to see things in new ways.  Show me the

places where I have judged another as wanting or unacceptable… help me see people and their situations from your point of view.  Give me your eyes, please!  Amen”