Day 62 The difference a day in Jesus’ life makes! Matt. 9:18-26

Guided reflection:  

In these eight short verses, we see lives turned around… a ruler believes that Jesus can make his dead daughter come back to life… and a women believes if she can just touch the fringe of his garment, she can be healed … She was healed, but the folks around the ruler’s house were starting the wake for this dead daughter… Jesus said – Stop the mourning party – she is just asleep… and raised her from her death bed.  Wow!   I wonder what the woman thought that night as she drifted off the sleep… and I wonder what the ruler and his wife did with that daughter that night when they tucked her into bed… what a difference Jesus can make!  Where do you need Jesus’ touch today?  Where have you been touched?  Are you still in awe?

Guided prayer:  “What a thrill it must have been to walk with Jesus on earth, O God.  Help me not

pine for those days, but help me see where Jesus is at work in my house, in my heart, in my time in history.  Help me to open to Jesus’ touch in my life.  (Name where that might be!)  Amen.