Day 61 Fasting Matt 9:14-17, Mark 2:18-22; Luke 5:33-39

Guided reflection:  

Once again, the Pharisees are “on” Jesus because now he parties too much.  They were so proud of their religious practices (they felt made them so good and worthy) that they judged Jesus and his disciples as party animals and not serious about God. Jesus points out that fasting is for those times when your spirit is dry and needs new life (wine)  but when there is life and a party going on, that is not the time to deny yourself!   The Messiah was right there in front of their eyes… why should they go and fast for the messiah to come?  Grab every moment when God is right there in front of you!   So, today we can ask: “Where is Jesus’ activity visible?  Where should I be enjoying God’s presence?”   OR, “Is this the time and place to seek newness… a fresh new day?” 

Guided Prayer:  “O God of life and vitality, help me enjoy what you are doing in my life today.  Help

me see where I should celebrate your love.  And help me also see where I need something new and fresh in my spirit.  Will you meet me at my point of need today?  Thank you.  Amen!