DAY 60 Matthew, the tax collector is called to follow Jesus Matt 9:9-13; Mark 2: 15-17; Luke 5 : 27-32

Guided reflection: 

Not only are the disciples collecting Jesus stories, but Jesus is collecting disciples as well!  Matthew is a tax collector– not a popular professions in that day.   But of course, the “holier than thou” types get all bent out of shape because Jesus included such a man – a TAX collector – into his inner circle.  Have you ever felt squeamish about the people that seem to want to come to Christ?  Are there times you are the Pharisees and you want to say – “Ugh, not THOSE people?” 

Guided Prayer:   “Jesus always included folks and widened the circle… and felt the heat.  O God,       are there people in my life that I do not want to come to our church?   Are there folks   who need to know Christ, but because of some kind of prejudice or preconceived notion,         I do not want them around?  Forgive me… and remind me again that you have included me in your circle.  I humbly say, “Thank you!”   Amen.”