DAY 59 Healing of a paralyzed man Matt 9:1-8; Mark 2: 1-2; Luke 5: 17-26

Guided reflections.  

This is a great story… check out the Luke version.   Now, that’s what friends     are for!  These friends drop Jesus right in the middle of a good sermon!  Not only is the       man healed and able to get up and walk… this sins are forgiven as well!  The churchy            types get all up in arms as to what right does Jesus have to forgive people OR heal             people.  Do you have a friend that needs to be plopped right down in front of Jesus?  Are   you bringing that person to Christ?  When has a friend made a way for you to know forgiveness and wholeness?  Write them a note right now and thank that person(s) for             their love for you!  Would any of your friends be writing you a note if they were doing         this Bible study?

Guided prayer:  “I don’t even know where to begin on this one, Lord.  Where do I need my sins

forgiven?:  Where do I need to get up out of my bed and get walking?  And who are my friends who need to know the story of your love?  Motivate me to get up and do something to help others in need – even raise a roof or two!  Amen”