Day 38 Jesus on Prayer Matt 6:5-8

Guided reflections:

  1. Jesus teaches real, gut level praying – alone, with just you and God… drop the showy stuff!   In the past, I have prayed for my food in public because I know that folks might see that I am a minister and did not do my Christian duty to thank God for my food.  So, to not make my gratitude look like I am praying in public for others… I raise my glass, clink it with my friends and say, “Dear ones, are you thankful?  I am!  Yeah, God!”  How do you balance being a good witness with doing your praying in private?
  2. Empty phrases – do you have a litany of words you say to God in every prayer – what do they mean?  Jesus says prayer is that “real, authentic, gut level telling God like it is” stuff!

Guided prayer:

“Dear God, I do not always know how to pray honestly.  I am not always sure what is the right thing to say to the Almighty, but if I could just sit down and have lunch with Jesus, this is what I would say…. (say what is on your mind – forget the “these and thous” – just be you!)  Amen!”