Day 37 Jesus on doing things for show Matt 6: 1-4

Guided reflections:

  1. In Jesus’ day, the temple folks made a big deal about showing how “good” they were – how they gave, prayed, tithed, yada yada yada….it made them feel good to know they did all the right things, but Jesus is more interested in us BEING right in our hearts, then DOING right things for everyone to see us.   Of course we are to feel good when we give, but have you ever tried to give so others will be impressed?
  2. Imagine doing acts of kindness and giving gifts that blow people away without knowing you did them… imagine you and God creating a secret box in heaven where your good deeds are hiding… think of something today to do for someone and do not let them know it…

Guided prayer:

“Giving God, you get a kick out of blessing us… teach me how to be in an adventure with you where you and I, together, get some kicks out of be secret agents of your love.  What can I do right now?  Amen” (Now, do it!)