Day 40 Jesus on Fasting Matt 6: 16-18

Guided reflection:

Fasting is the spiritual discipline of not eating food for a designated period of time as a sign to God that we are earnest about a prayer… about a deepening our relationships with God.  The fasting is to be between us and God… not a sign to everyone else to know that we are trying to be spiritual!

Have you ever fasted?  Again, Jesus wants us to get off doing religions rituals and focus on being in relationships with God.   Our religious activity is for God, not for others to see us.  Are there spiritual practices (like prayers, going to worship, giving an offering) that you do to look good to others?

Guided Prayer:

“Holy and awesome God, I humble myself before you and say I want to know you.  Help me let go of the things that make me focus on looking good to others.  I would rather “look good” in your eyes.  Help me see myself from your point of view.  Amen”