DAY 58 The fierce man who was filled with demons Matt 8:28-34, Mark 5: 1-20; Luke 8: 26-39

Guided reflection: 

This must have been some event…each of the gospels tells this story.  This

man (In Matthew, it is listed as two men) was a crazy man – folks were scared of him/them!  Mentally disturbed…fierce… naked…the town did not know what to do with a man who could free this scary man.  Has there ever been a time when YOU have been the scary person…The one out of your mind and frightening?  Do you know that Jesus does not condemn you, but offers you another way of being… a life that is free from the chains that bind you and cause you to be NOT what you dream of being. 

Guider Prayer – “You are the God of love and of a sound mind… but fear robs me of a sound            mind.  Heal me, and free me from the things that keep me from being God’s dream of me.           Set me free.  Right now I pray for those who are bound by addictions and mental chains.        Set the captives free.  Amen.”