DAY 57 Jesus calms the storm Matt 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25

Guided reflection: 

This is one of the twos stories in which Jesus calmed a storm.  This time, we find Jesus, sleeping sweetly, as the boat was pounded with waves.  When they woke him, he wonders why they are upset – where is your faith, men?  Jesus rebuked the storm and all was calm.  Can you imagine the awe in that boat – goodness, even storms obey him!  Remember they are just beginning this adventure with Jesus.  They are collecting “Jesus stories” that will help them when the storms of life hit them.  Where are you sleepless and feeling every wave hitting you in the storms of life?  Where is your faith?

Guided prayer: “O God, sometimes when my life is rocking with the waves of a life storm, I      forget that I am in your hands.  Remind me again… and allow me to begin collecting     stories of when Jesus calmed my storm.  Amen”