Day 12: Luke 2: 41-52 Jesus at 12 yrs old

The task of the life stage of a teenager is to pull away from his/her parents and to begin to own their own thoughts and ideas.   Jesus was no exception!

Guided reflection:

  1. Can you remember when you began to think differently than your parents?  What was the issue at hand?
  2. Jesus is defining his purpose in life:  to be about “His Father’s Business” – If you were Mary or Joseph, what would your reaction be? 
  3. reread Vs 52 – this is the only story from Jesus’ birth to adulthood – take some time to imagine what Jesus was like as a young lad…

Guided Prayer:

“Holy and wise Parent God, I thank you for the people in my past who allowed me to think my own thoughts about my purpose in life.  For those who stifled my dreams, I forgive them.  Right now, protect our youth as they begin their time of self discovery. Amen”