Day 13: Matt 3: 1-6; Mark 1: 1-6, Luke 3: 1-6 John the Baptist

Now we begin the portion of Matt, Mark and Luke that collectively tell the story of Jesus’ whereabouts and teaching.   Most days I will give you all three of the various references that describe that particular story.  All three bring John the Baptist into view as the forerunner of Christ.  

Guided reflection for day 13:

  1. Do you recall, from day 2, what John’s life purpose was to be… do you see it fulfilled here?
  2. Do you need to “repent” to prepare yourself for Christ in your life?
  3. The way John is described to have dressed and eaten, seems like the first hippie!

Guided prayer:

“Loving God, I would imagine John the Baptist would still have the same message for us today:  Repent, prepare your heart for Christ!   Help me to anticipate your work in my life –open my eyes to see where I have crooked ways that need some straightening and where I have rough edges that need some smoothing out!  Let it be so!  Amen!”