Day 11: Matthew 2: 16-28 Terror in the land

Jesus’ birth had side affects – King Herod’s insecurity fueled his fear, and as prophecy is fulfilled, Joseph takes his little family and runs for their lives, and fear plays out…

Guided reflection:

1. Has anyone ever tried to hunt you down to destroy you?

2. What must it have been like to know that your baby was killed because the king was afraid he was a threat – your tiny baby? 

3.  Once again, prophecy is fulfilled by Joseph making wise decisions.   We do not know how long they were in Egypt, but now the holy family takes up residence in a new community.  What is it like for you to have to move from one place to another?

Guided prayer:

“O Guiding Light, you promise to show us the way and to guide us if we seek your will.  Just like Joseph, help me be wise to those around me who live in fear.  I pray for people who are in danger because of someone else’s fear and hate. Amen.”