Week of September 16th

It was a holy pilgrimage to travel to Jerusalem and visit the holy Temple.  And from pictures and models I have seen, it must have been impressive to climb the hills to the city with the gleaming Temple shining in the sun.  Here are several Psalms people sang as they ascended to the holy city.


O God who still invites us to enter into your holy presence:  focus our attention on the power and presence of your Holy Spirit in our crazy world today.  May we never lose sight of your hand at work in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Monday – Psalm 121

This is a “Song of Ascents.”  Often the pilgrims visiting the city of Jerusalem would sing these songs as they ascended up the hills and mountains towards the holy city and the Temple.  So when they lifted their eyes toward the mountains, where did they acknowledge their help came from?  God is eager to help you.  How will you look toward the Lord today?

Tuesday - Psalm 122

This is another “Song of Ascents.”  Why would it be so meaningful to go to the Temple?  For them, the Temple represented the place where God dwelled among the people.  The Temple was a reminder of God’s faithful presence with them.  Today, we live on this side of Jesus and the cross.  We know God is not limited to one space and time.  What symbols do you have to remind you of God’s faithful presence?

Wednesday - Psalm 128

Again, one of King David’s “Song of Ascents.”  To fear the Lord is the secret sauce of happiness.  What does it mean to fear the Lord in this context?  How will blessings come to those live in this “fear” of the Lord?  How have you been blessed to “fear” the Lord?

Thursday – Psalm 130

Living the life of a believer does not mean we are immune to difficulties.  God is not a magic genie.  But God does provide hope and grace.  How does this song celebrate that hope and grace?  How do you celebrate hope and grace in your daily routine?

 Friday – Psalm 131

This is a fascinating idea.  In our crazy chaotic world, we are yearning for moments of peace and meditation.  But this is a discipline that has spiritual roots for us.  A child who is calm and quiet in the arms of his/her mother, because he/she trusts in Mom.  Can we place ourselves in God’s loving and faithful arms because we trust God?  How would a moment of peace and quiet bless you today?

Saturday – Psalm 132

King David had his moments of hardship.  Some were brought on by himself.  At other times he was the victim of the choices of others.  Yet, he kept his faith in God.  He made sure he had a place in his life to worship God.  It is difficult today to make space for God.  There are so many things tugging at our shirt sleeves for our attention.  And many of them are good things.  But when and where do you create space for God?  Where is your “resting place” with God?