Week of September 9th

In our lives and in our families, there are often stories or metaphors that become significant and memorable because they reveal something about who we are.  Often the details become enhanced so we never forget the meaning.  It may be a birth, a death, or some other life-turning event.  When we answer the call to follow Jesus, His story becomes part of our story.  God’s past actions become part of our future destiny.  So here are some significant stories of God’s actions.  How do they shape your destiny? 


O God who still calls acts to offer men and women destinies of hope and purpose in our world today.  Speak through your Word to form and transform my life in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Monday – Genesis 17:1-8

This is the Covenant that Pastor Phil and I preached about this summer.  But what is remarkable about this passage is that God is renewing the covenant – after the Ishmael debacle, after the Egypt scandal, and after all the fuzzy confusion about Lot and his family.  Still God chooses to change the names of Abraham and Sarah to reflect God’s steadfast commitment to grace.  How has God steadfastly revealed grace to you?

Tuesday – Exodus 14:5-31

Spectacular drama, but even more important:  This defining moment is celebrated by Jews and Christians every year.  It is the history of how God has come to the rescue of people, despite their fears and lack of faith.  How has God come to your rescue in the past?  Where will God come to your rescue in the days and years to come?

Wednesday – 1 Kings 18:20-39

Showdown on Mt Carmel.  Elijah stood alone against the King and Queen, and the 450 prophets of Baal.  With boldness Elijah called upon the power of God to reveal truth to the people.  And God always shows up.  Sometimes God shows off.  And the people remembered who really is God.  When has God shown up in your history?  When do you need God to show off in your future?

Thursday – Luke 23:32-49; Romans 5:6-11

The previous passages are part of Israel’s Hebrew scriptures.  These next three become unique to our identity as Christians.  Jesus’ death is not just a tragic end to a noble life, his death is a divine sacrifice on our behalf to put us right with God.  It is a gift of grace, of hope, of joy and peace.  How do you embrace this grace?  How do you accept this gift?

Friday – Luke 24:13-34

Not only is Jesus’ death on the cross formative in our lives, but also Jesus’ resurrection.  The witnesses in this story and others saw him physically alive and well.  Such is the testimony of God’s power over death, and God’s gift of life abundant and eternal.  If one does not believe this, we are – as Paul says – to be most pitied.  Easter is our hope in a crazy and chaotic world.  How does Easter give you hope every season of the year?

Saturday – Acts 1:1-8

The story of Pentecost is recorded in Acts 2, but these verses reveal that the coming of the Holy Spirit to every believer is actually a promise of Jesus.  This is a promise of power, and a purpose of mission and witness.  The rest of the story of Acts is how the believers moved from Jerusalem to Rome, the center of the empire.  Jesus declared that promise not just for the disciples of 1st century, but for all Christians.  How is the promise of the Spirit part of your history, and how is the Spirit part of your destiny?