Week of July 15

This week concludes the series, “Dare to See Clearly.”  The stories of Abraham and Sarah teach us much about following God’s call and seeing God’s preferred future.  The readings this week are a summary of the stories of the past several weeks.


Lord of all times and places:  Thank you for the example and witness of Abraham and Sarah.  As they learned to trust you more deeply than before, help me to continue to grow in my faith that I may serve faithfully in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Monday – Genesis 12:1-9

God calls Abraham and Sarah to embark on this exciting adventure.  In this call is a promise and a purpose.  What are they?  Are these examples of promises and purposes in God’s call to us?  We may not make the trip in the same way, but how do we live out the faith journey today?

Tuesday – Genesis 14:1-16

Abraham and Sarah followed God’s call and journeyed a long distance to this land of promise.  But this land of promise was not safe.  They faced danger.  Kings went to war.  Lot’s family was captured and held prisoner.  How did God rescue Lot?  Are there challenges you face that threaten to overwhelm you?  How will God use you to respond to the crisis?  And what will God grow and groom in you through the adventure?

Wednesday – Genesis 15:1-21

God once again renews the covenant with Abraham and Sarah.  The writer tells us that Abraham believed God, and God honored that trust.  Abraham’s trust in God was credited as righteousness.  That means God viewed Abraham as in a whole and right relationship with God.  Pastor Phil explained how the divided sacrificed animals were a sign of God’s commitment to this covenant.  Today we have the cross to remind us of God’s faithfulness to the covenant.  What does the cross mean to you?

Thursday – Genesis 16:1-16

Abraham and Sarah grew tired of waiting for God to keep the promise.  It was not only weeks and months, it was years and decades.  Still they waited.  They conceived their own solution.  It brought disaster and has been a point of conflict in human history ever since.  How was this an example of planning for God’s failure?  Have you grown tired of waiting for one of God’s promises?  What will you do to keep the faith?

Friday – Genesis 18:16-33

Fascinating story about God revealing to Abraham the plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.  Life had seriously declined in those towns, but that is where Lot – Abraham’s nephew – lived.  In the conversation Abraham “argues” with God about the fairness of God’s plan.  What does this story reveal about the character of God?  What does it reveal about the kind of man Abraham has become?  And what does it reveal about the importance and power of prayer?

Saturday – Romans 4:9-25

Paul uses the example of Abraham and Sarah (as does the writer of Hebrews) to illustrate the role of faith.  Because Abraham trusted God, God looked upon Abraham the same as if Abraham had never sinned.  His faith was credited as righteousness.  In the same way, as we trust in the grace of God revealed through Jesus Christ, we will be credited as righteous – true to the faith.  How can you walk in faith today?