Week of Feb 11th

One of the ways Christians can speak in a manner that may interest nonchristians is to speak of living well and wisely.  Nonchristians may reject the authority of the Bible, the centrality of Jesus Christ, or even the existence of God.  But everyone wants to live well and wisely.  Proverbs is a series of sayings on wise living.  Not much plot, but deep wisdom.


I honor and reverence your power, your purpose, and your presence, O Holy God.  Teach me that I may grow in wisdom and grace.  Amen.

Monday – Proverbs 1:1-7

Proverbs is a collection of sayings, not always sticking to the same theme.  As you read, which ones stick out at you?  Ponder those for the day.  What does it mean to “fear the Lord?”  How does one “fear the Lord” today?  What insight comes to one who commits themselves to “fear the Lord?”

Tuesday – Proverbs 3:1-10

What does this passage teach about living well and wisely?  Which phrases or images leap out at you?  If many of the Proverbs were collected by King Solomon who grew up learning from his father, King David; what does it mean to honor the Lord with the first fruit of your harvest?  How does one do that today?



Wednesday – Proverbs 15:1-10

What phrases or verses connect with you?  Do these gems of wisdom speak to your world?  In what ways do they help you live well and wisely?


Thursday – Psalm 1

Wisdom literature is not limited to Proverbs.  How does this Psalm speak to living well and wisely?  How does the image of a tree bearing fruit apply to your world today?  What “streams of water” nurture your spiritual health today?


Friday – James 3:1-12

The letter of James is often considered the New Testament’s version of wisdom literature.  Does this passage sound a little like Proverbs?  What does it teach us about the importance of language?  If language shapes our perceptions of the world and other people, how important are the things we say?  How will this shape the words you use today?


Saturday – Ecclesiastes 2: 1-26

We believe King Solomon penned these words.  Be sure to read vss 24-26.  What does it mean to live well and wisely?  Who would know better than King Solomon?  How does it impact your life?