Week of Feb 18th

This is the beginning of Lent – a season of preparing for Easter.  We are centering on the person and mission of Jesus.  Jesus is the central fulcrum of the Christian faith.  Without him our faith would be like a house at night with no electricity – very dark and cold.  This week the passages focus on what Jesus meant when he said, “I am living water.”


Lord, the source of life and love:  pour your living water into my life that I may thrive and grow; becoming more like you dream I can become.  Amen.

Monday – John 4:1-42

This is the whole story.  You may want to focus on verses 7-14.  What kind of water is Jesus talking about?  How does Jesus provide this living water?  For what kinds of things do you thirst?  Is it possible that following the life Jesus calls us to live would quench our thirsts and hungers better than anything or anyone else?  How will Jesus provide living water in your daily routine today?

Tuesday – Exodus 17:1-7

Moses had led the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt.  They had crossed the Red Sea and were journeying towards the holy mountain.  They are crossing harsh Sinai desert.  The writer tells us that the people tested God (and Moses).  How did God respond?  How will God respond when you have needs?


Wednesday – Joshua 3:1-17

This story sounds a little like Moses and the people crossing the Red Sea, except they do not have an army chasing them.  While scholars believe the Jordan may have been at flood stage at this season, crossing the waters becomes a symbol of entering a new stage of life.  They were entering the Land of Promise.  How does Living Water open the doors to new life and new promise for you?

Thursday – Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17:8

No doubt Jeremiah went to Sunday School.  He knew the first Psalm.  How does a tree planted near water thrive?  What waters near you help you to thrive in challenging and changing times?  What is it about Jesus that gives us this living water?

Friday – Revelation 21:1-8

If Revelation is a letter written by the disciple John, now in his latter years; and if it is written to the church in Rome that is experiencing horrendous persecution; how do these words give hope?  How do they give hope to us today?  Who is it that promises to give water from the spring of life?  What does this mean?

Saturday – Revelation 22:1-5

I love to watch water.  I even have a small fountain on my deck that runs during the summertime.  Can you imagine living in a city like John describes in this passage?  Living water that flows from the throne of God!  Of course, this is symbolic, picturesque language to describe what it is like to live one’s life centered on the revelation of God’s grace and wisdom in Jesus Christ.  Water that sustains us, fruit that multiplies healing, life and freedom for all forever.  Is that worth living for?