Week of January 7th

Covenant is at the heart of the Christian faith.  God chooses to live in relationship with all of creation, especially the human creation that God has fashioned after God’s own image.  There are several covenants revealed in the Old Testament.  These reach their highest expression in Jesus Christ.  Here are some passages on the covenants God offers to humans.


Thank you, O God, for choosing to live in covenant with me.  Help me through my words, my thoughts, and my actions to live in covenant with You.  Amen.

Monday – Genesis 9:1-17

The story of Noah begins in chapter 6.  After the flood waters receded, God blesses Noah and his family.  They have been obedient and faithful in a monumental crisis.  Then God offers a promise.  What is it?  (See vs 11.)  What is the sign of this covenant?  To whom is the covenant offered?  What does that mean in light of the floods we have today?

Tuesday – Genesis 12:1-9

We are not privy to the reasons for which God chooses Abram and Sarai – later known as Abraham and Sarah.  We know from later parts of the story that they are not perfect.  But they trust this promise.   What is the promise God makes to them?  How do we see this promise being fulfilled today?

Wednesday – Exodus 20:1-17

Probably the most well-known of the covenants is this one, although we do not always think of it as covenant.  It is important to know the context.  God has heard the cry of the people in Egyptian slavery.  God has miraculously delivered them.  Therefore, God has paid the price for their freedom.  The first verse in this chapter is important.  Why?  How does it set the stage for the rest of the passage?  How has God paid the price for our freedom?  What is our part in the covenant?

Thursday – 2 Samuel 7:1-17

Shortly after David became King, he wanted to build a Temple for God, but God had a different vision – a longer view.  The prophet Nathan reports God’s promises to David.  How many are there?  How had God demonstrated faithfulness to David?  What does God require of David?  Anything?  What does that mean for you today?

Friday – 2 Kings 20:1-11

Hezekiah was king some time after David.  His story begins in chapter 18.  He was faithful to God, but the prophet Isaiah had bad news for him.  What was it?  How did God have a change of heart?  How did God renew a covenant with Hezekiah, keep the covenant with David, and give a sign of this covenant?  Do our prayers make a difference to God?  How does this affect the way you pray?

Saturday – Luke 22:14-20

As Christians we believe all of these covenants are most fully revealed in Jesus Christ.  In this setting on the night before Jesus’ own death, he offers a new interpretation of the covenant.  What is it?  How is it fulfilled in Jesus’ death on the cross?  Why is it important for us to renew this covenant frequently?