Week of January 21st

God’s love for the whole world is the compelling motivation behind God’s interaction in history. So when we become transformed by God’s grace and hope, we are compelled by this same love to care about others – all kinds of others: short, tall, skinny, not-so-skinny, light skinned, dark skinned, lots of hair, no hair, speak English and “No hablo anglais.” Here are some passages that reveal Jesus’ commitment to reach the whole world with grace. 


Thank you, O God, for blessing me with grace. As you have blessed me, so use my thoughts, words, and actions to bless others with your grace. Amen. 

Monday – John 3:16--18

Jesus is talking with Nicodemus, a religious teacher of his day. Jesus reveals that his mission was more than to be a nice man who tells nice stories. Jesus came to reveal God’s gift of life – abundant and eternal. This gift is for the whole world. Who will cross your path today that needs a word of grace and hope? 

Tuesday – John 10:14-18

Jesus is talking with religious leaders, who aren’t quite getting it. In verse 16 Jesus reveals he is looking for sheep not of this fold – not in the established church of that day. What? Jesus is looking for people who are different from us? Who in your path today looks different, but needs God’s grace and hope?

Wednesday – Matthew 9:35-38

Jesus genuinely cared about people. His heart was drawn to them. But his mission was not just to heal as many as he could. His mission is to invite us to join him in the ministry of caring for people. “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord to send out workers into his harvest.” Hmmm! Who might that be? To whom is God sending you today? 

Thursday – Luke 10:1-12

Jesus sent out 70 followers. Despite carrying little with them, Jesus gave them the most important resource: power. Check out verse 17. They overcame many forces and brought hope to many people. If God is calling you today, please know that you have access the most important resource: God’s Spirit of power and grace. How will God use you to touch someone today? 

Friday – Matthew 28:16-20

This is the Great Commission. Jesus commands all of his followers to think globally. “Go into all the world!” This is not about us. It is about what God wants to do through us … in the world … in Jesus’ name. How does God want to use you to bless someone today? 

Saturday – Acts 1:4-8

I love this passage. Jesus is never looking back. It is not about restoring something from the past. It is about moving forward. God is always beckoning to us to move forward. God promises to fill us with power as we faithfully witness to the ends of the earth. Who knows how far your witness will go today!