Day 204 Jesus is sentenced to death Matt 27: 15-26; Mark 15: 8-15; Luke 23: 17-25

Guided reflection:

Isn’t it hard to believe that people would be so filled with hate that a hardened criminal would be chosen for favor over one who just made you uncomfortable with his teachings?  How did things get so out of hand so quickly?    Crucify Him!  The mob mentality is a frightening thing.   And religious intolerance is also a frightening thing.  Do you hold to your beliefs so tightly that when someone crosses you - you want to cross them out?   In a twisted way, these priests and scribes thought they were keeping their religious traditions pure!  Where do you see intolerance in how people think?  How do you hold on to your beliefs without compromising them when you accept others who think differently?

Guided prayer:

“O God of the universe, our ways are not your ways, and our thoughts are not your thoughts.  So how can we be so arrogant as to think that we hold ALL the truth?  Loving God, help my heart be able to handle ambiguity- the not knowing of all the answers.  Forgive us our lack of tolerance.  Amen”