Day 203 Jesus goes before Herod Luke 23: 6-16

Guided reflection:

Oops, Pilate found out Jesus was a Galilean… so Pilate had a way out.  He would send him on to Herod… and maybe mend a few fences.  Perfect timing, Herod was in town right then!  And to make it even sweeter, Herod had always wanted to see this man, Jesus.  Herod asked Jesus questions, but Jesus did not give him the time of day.  More beatings and more accusations, and Herod gave up and sent him back to Pilate.  What a story…Pilate told those who accused Jesus that neither he nor Herod found anything wrong with Jesus…He would release him and get rid of this mess.   People in leadership do not always realize all the ramifications of their actions.  Today, let us pray for our worlds’ leaders that they might have wisdom in their dealings.  If you are a leader, treat those you lead with utmost respect.

Guided prayers:

“This story gives us the facts of what happened… but all the players have their own story, their own agenda.  Right now, I pray for our leaders… those who make decisions that affect others’ lives.  Give them your wisdom.  Amen”