Day 176 Jesus’ riddle Matt: 22: 41-45; Mark 12:35-37a; Luke 20:41-44

Guided reflection:

Jesus is really getting worked up over the Pharisees.  As a matter of fact, today and tomorrow’s readings show Jesus putting the Pharisees in their place.   We are just days away from the crucifixion and these readings add fuel to their fury at Jesus.  Since Jesus knows He is the Messiah, he messes with their minds.  How could David call the Messiah “Master” if he was really his son?  It was a riddle – because Jesus, the Messiah, was born of Mary from the linage of David and is Lord of all – the living and the dead – so that includes David of old!

Remember the song ‘Mary, did you know that the child you deliver will deliver you?”

Guided prayer:

“Open my eyes, Lord.   My thoughts are not your thoughts, so free me from thinking that I can have all the answers.  I place my trust in you.  Amen”