Day 177 Jesus gives it to the Pharisees! Matt 23: 1-36; Mark `12:37b-40; Luke 20: 45-47

Guided reflection:

The writer of Matthew gives the broadest account of this confrontation.   I see at least seven times Jesus said“Woe to you… hypocrites, scribes and Pharisees, blind guides, vipers”   Jesus really used the word Hypocrites because they stood in the way of others finding God; instead of setting people free, their converts become more bound up!   They placed their trust in the physical altar in the temple; they strained at a gnat and ended up swallowing a camel; they worried so about washing cups just right, but ignored what when into the cup; they were dead bones walking around in robes… he ended his diatribe with “You brood of vipers!”  He called them snakes!  No wonder they shouted “Crucify Him!” Have you ever been a hypocrite?   Don’t read that real fast… take time to ask yourself, have you ever been a hypocrite?

Guided prayer:

“Wow, Jesus, you really got going on those Pharisees!  Are there places in my life where I am a hypocrite?  Do I bind folks up with rules? Do I judge others on whether they do things the way I think they should be done?  Forgive me, Lord. Amen”