Day 174 The Question concerning the Resurrection Matt 22:23-33; Mark 12: 18-27; Like 20: 27-40

Guided reflection:

Now be honest, haven’t you thought of this?  I had a friend whose first wife died and then remarried. He has wondered aloud about what it will be like to be in heaven with both wives - whose husband will he be!  He was quite relieved to read this passage – marriage and our sexual issues are things of this earth… not a heavenly issue!  Not sure if I am happy or sad about that, but Jesus would not be tricked again by the Pharisees and their details!  One less thing to worry about!

Guided prayer:

“Thank you, God, for being God of all life – earthly and heavenly.  Thank you for handling all the details that worry us so!  Amen!”