Day 173 Are we to pay taxes? Matt 22: 15-22; Mark 12: 13-17; Luke 20: 20-26

Guided reflection:

Don’t you wish Jesus would have answered this differently?  The Pharisees were trying to trick Jesus by posing a question that pit Jesus either against the temple leaders or Caesar… but Jesus gives is a life lesson instead.  We are IN the world, even though we are not OF this world.  As long as we live here, work here, and make our livelihood here, we are to open the laws of our land.  Separation of church and state!

Guided prayer:

“Since this story is about taxes, right now I thank you for allowing me to be born at this time in history, in the United States of America… and when I pay my taxes this year, I will try to not complain but see it as rent for being “in” this world on my way to be with you in the next world.  Amen”